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While preparing for test server release, we had to freshen up the old look of the website and update some of its functions.

- The website template has been totally changed. I find this new template faster and sleeker. It feels much more responsive and has more original feel to it.
- The shoutbox has been moved to forums. I find it useless being on the main page.
- Removed an annoying ad placed on the main page.
- Removed the download button for now, to avoid misinforming people. It will be added once the test server is up.
- Live Streams section was decided to stay instead of getting removed. Its future purpose is to promote Lineage 2 streaming, but we've updated it so you can enjoy top streams from Twitch, Hitbox and other streaming sites.
- The forum version has been updated as well.
- Added a share section which leads to our facebook page.
- There are few minor issues to be corrected, but thats pretty much it.

I hope you all enjoy the new web page and stay patient for the test server release.
Sorry for not writing anything in past months. A lot of stuff is going on on the server project and that's why currently I'm spending more time there. But as you can see updates are still happening and the path to L2World's opening is getting closer.

[Nik] - 6 hours ago : Some fixes of previous commits.
[St3eT] - 24 hours ago : Small typo fix
[St3eT] - 24 hours ago : Balok Warzone: Initial commit.
[Nik] - 24 hours ago : Elemental and Reflect shirts updated. Patch by @zoiobnu
[Nik] - 25 hours ago : Some talisman skills added. Contribution by @zoiobnu
[Nik] - 2 days ago : According to @ChaosPaladin this is a server ID from the new cross-server
[Nik] - 2 days ago : Olympiad match end critical error fixed. Thanks @savormix.
[Sdwz] - 2 days ago : Fix NpcSay for custom npc

[Sdwz] - 3 days ago : Adding SoulshotDamage effects

[ChaosPaladin] - 3 days ago : Shadow Weapon Enchant Scroll

[ChaosPaladin] - 3 days ago : Change enchant type for Shadow Weapons

[Nik] - 3...
[Nik] - 37 minutes ago : Fixing critical issue.

[ChaosPaladin] - 12 hours ago : Added few items skillz

[UnAfraid] - 12 hours ago : Weird shit, revert
[UnAfraid] - 12 hours ago : Updating a bit CharSelectionInfo (Not confirmed but works for now)
[Nik] - 12 hours ago : Fixing clan reward to be unable to be acquired if invento ry is above
[ChaosPaladin] - 13 hours ago : Added class conditions for equip PvP/PvE armors

[UnAfraid] - 14 hours ago : SystemMessageId update
[UnAfraid] - 15 hours ago : Updating NpcStringId
[UnAfraid] - 15 hours ago : Skills targeting debugging for now only Fan and Squa re are proper
[Nik] - 15 hours ago : Fixing up new tutorial question marks.
[Nik] - 16 hours ago : Implementing MagicalSkillPower effect.
Fixing Dual - Master's Rage.
Added subLevel to SkillHolder's toString().
[Sdwz] - 19 hours ago : Helios initial support

[ChaosPaladin] - 2 days ago : Fix bit in previous commit

[ChaosPaladin] - 2 days ago : Skills for PvP/PvE R99 items

[Sdwz] - 2 days ago : Fixing...
[Nik] - 35 hours ago : weapon.isBowOrCrossbow() method removed and replaced with
[Nik] - 35 hours ago : Critical damage calculations reorganized. Also Mcrit changed from x2/x3
during pvp/pve to always x2. Correct me if im wrong.
[Nik] - 2 days ago : Accurate calculation of positional critical damage.
[Nik] - 2 days ago : Dropping ALT_GAME_SHIELD_BLOCKS.
[St3eT] - 2 days ago : Renamed some AI's to avoid conflicts when server loads.
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Fixing the rest of stats difference
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Fixing more unattended usage of this condition
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : [HIDE]Without that
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Fixing another typo causing conditions to fail
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Fixing minor typo in Superior Dual Weapon Mastery
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : That should be kept
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Include all equipped item's bonuses
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Fixing some stats not being added
[UnAfraid] - 2 days ago : Updating game_menu.htm a bit...