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GameServer: Online
Server: 20x [LIVE]

Online players: 1493 / 9999


World PvP Event fixed and working.
Raidboss Stats (Frintezza, Freya, Zaken) fixed.
Necklace of Frintezza drop rate fixed.
.getreward fixed.
Cancel Buffs return possible fix (everything work on test server, but I cant verify on live)
Warlord stun rate fixed.
Bow Critical Slow Special Ability fixed.
Private stores in clanhalls, castles and fortresses will no longer be teleported to Giran Harbor.
Queen Ant, Orfen and Core random respawn window fixed.
Backstab will no longer succeed infront of the target.
.gotolove cast time reduced to 20secs
Wedding price increased to 1,333,333,337 adena.
Wedding divorce fine set to 50%.
Magic Damage from Magic Critical Hit fixed.
Fighters critical hit limit fixed (Titans should do fine damage now).

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Champions are fixed and now spawning.
Catacombs and Necropolis mobs are now spawned.
Valakas' stats are now retail-like.
Antharas' stats are now retail-like.
Geodata at Freya fixed.
Blow skills formula reworked to 100% retail-like. Shots only affect p.atk, not p.atk + skillPower for blows. Which means that blows will do lower damage than before.
PvP skill damage bonus is now applied for blow skills (previously not).
Blow skills get additional damage for position (20% back, 5% side).
All attacks/skills get damage boost from position (20% back, 5% side). Blows included, which means they get double position bonus (40% from back, 10% from side).
Blow land rate formula updated. Now applies position critical rate.
Focus Power and Focus Death are twice less effective for skills as in retail (still as powerful as it says for autoattacks). But they do ignore critical damage cap, because they use different stats for critical.
Critical Damage add values (Vicious Stance, Critical Damage Special Abilities) are now more noticable.
Deadly Blow lethal chance nerf to 5% removed. Now its retail-like 10%.
Lethal Blow lethal chance nerf to 5% removed. Now its retail-like 15%.
Fatal Counter multiplier for HP missing changed from 1.8 to 3.5.
Random Damage modifier is applied before critical damage add (Vicious Stance, Critical Damage passives) which means that now they are more stable.
Critical Rate position bonus is now applied, ignoring rate cap (500). Values are 30% for back and 10% for side. Focus Chance works the same way (60% back, 30% side) and works for blow skills too. If you have 500 crit rate and attack from behind with Focus Chance, you will do critical ~90% of the time.
Physical skills formula is a bit different for ranged and non-ranged weapons (constant 70 for bows and 77 for non-bows). It means that melee skills get 10% boost.
Skill Critical Rate formula updated. Now it depends on skill learn level aswell (non-enchanted skills have lower skill critical rate).

Summary for daggers: Unless you hit from the sides or back, you will be weak. Also get some critical damage.

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Subclass Certifications on Subclass requierments fix.
Quests for Clan Reputation Boosted.
Academy Chars CRP negative bonus fixed.
Queen Ant, Orfen, Core respawn time adjusted to +4 random.
Clan notice - You must click "Set notice" and "Enable notice"
Fortress and ClanHallSieges Fame removed.
Jail Adjustments
Mail System for 76lvl or above set to 1 minute (below 76lvl 10min)
Fishing rate increased from 5 to 15(will implement additional reward at later stage)
Magic skills debuff formula is now retail like.
Pets can now use mana potions
Valakas requierments to enter changed from 500 range close-by to 1500 range.
Shots are now taken while buffing.(before bonus was still applied but shot was not taken)

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Star stone gathering quest drop rate adjusted.
Fortress fixed.
Bot guard updated.
Jail fix.
.Security rework.
Clan notice fixed.
Subclass triggers skills fix.
Spoil Increased for some locations.
Kamaloka reward fixed
Added some NPCS in Giran Harbor
NCP Buffer Schemes fixed.

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Vitality System Added.
Turn Undead Lethal fixed (works only for mobs below 50k hp)
Drop/Spoil rates adjusted.
Title requierments fixed.
.Offline Shops option added.

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