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GameServer: Online
Server: 20x [LIVE]

Online players: 1429 / 9999


- Critical damage cap is now retail
- Removed ss boost for skilltype blow in formula.
- Removed teleport option to bazar when you die - teleport bugs should be fixed now.
- Olympiad limit enabled, max enchant is +8
- Change in castle and tw date. NOW THEY WILL BE EVERY WEEK.
- Possible fix: My teleport flag should save the coordiantes now correctly
- Class transfer is free now so that the new players can use the 3rd class directly when they level up with the Newbie manager

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- NEXUS engine reward has been incrased.
- Cost to enter Rift has been decreased.
- When using attribute service it will not anymore work if your item value is higher then selected value.
- Possible fix for fortress capture bug.
- Added new Hats,Weapons,Armors,Jewels,Mounts,Fame,GCM to donation shop.
- Nerfed Zaken Exp reward.
- Hellblade effect nerfed with 2%.
- Increased mage dmg by 1-3%.
- Magic crit rate increased.

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Provider problem with DNS - login is down

There is a DNS problem with the login server. Our DNS provider is working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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Datacenter offline, we are sorry for inconvenience

There was routing problems with the hosting provider, which they resolved ~2-3 minutes ago.
The game server will be up within 10 minutes.
As you can see many lineage 2 Servers are down at the moment since most of them are using the same provider.

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- Character Ranking has been wiped, do not worry we keep the data for the previous season and will be put very soon at season ranking section.
- Offline Buffers has been enabled. You can put your support class to sell buffs for adena at specific place at giran and aden. (Giran left & right entrance at church. Stairs near grand magisters.) (Aden near GK.) - command is: offlinebuff
- Offline shops can be put now at every town w/o limit and dont worry it wont be ported anymore ot giran harbor.
- New Promotions for clan and newbie players has been started. More info will be posted soon or it has been already posted above!
- Dance of medusa nerfed with 15%.
- Respawn fix for guards at gludio southern fotress.
- Summons dmg small nerf between 4-10% (post feedback in forum)

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